Saturday, January 20, 2007

Telling Nancy, Loretta and Natalie

Well, the darling girls were ever so supportive, although Loretta has some concerns regarding work and how I could possibly juggle everything. I told her that I shall just have to prioritise and maybe (though I dread the thought), Graziella will have to take on a bit more responsibility.

Nancy was most excited and her knitting circle, Knit-a-go-go are meeting next week to start booties and such like!

Most surprising was Natalie, who positively melted and confided to me that she had always wanted to write a children's book and that maybe one day we could collaborate.

Well, I do feel relieved.That's Ludo Jansdotter and the girls told. Next weekend I shall go back down to Kettles with Ludo Jansdotter in tow to tell Ma and Pa and Ptolemy. (I imagine Ptolemy will be one of these very exciting and slightly mysterious uncles who the little one will be enthralled by!) What fun all this will be! I do hope Ma and Pa will be pleased. I know it's a little left-field but I like to think of M and P as modern, forward-thinking people and hope they will embrace the idea.

ps. There was a slightly frosty atmosphere between Natalie and Loretta but it thawed after my news and I hope they will be able to resolve their issues in time.

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