Monday, September 25, 2006

Yo Beowulf! poster

RE:yo beowolf! poster

In a real hurry. Here's the poster for Yo Beowulf! hot off the press. Would love you to include it in the piece about Yellow Clog. It's by the one and only Ludo Jansdotter! Sooo lucky he's such a fan - he did it for free!
Toodle-pip! x

Email from Celine


RE:je suis désolé

Lovable Pip, I am regrettable yesterday concerning the conversation of Sofia Coppola. I must start taking appropriate English class really. I use online translation service for writing the letter, but you do not think that is very good - perhaps you can say to me.

I do not think probably to make the book party of Cave Spooner, there is a measles in Agnes and Pfeiffer begins rehearsal for Yo Beowulf - puppet cabaret of shadow, therefore he is not many help.


The telephone call

Well, the conference call with Sofia Coppola was a fiasco - Celine's English seems to get worse every day. Bless her for trying, I speak fluent French of course but she is determined to make the effort.

I wanted to send her to Helsinki to set up the shoot but I’m going to have to send Graziella now which doesn’t bode well for issue 11. Hopeless as she is, it totally destabilizes me when she’s not here.

Ho-hum…sometimes being a talented photographer and editor of a quarterly, ICA bookshop-type magazine is really hard.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who's that girl?...Celine

Celine grew up on the beaches of the south of France and spent most of her childhood on the road and in smokey jazz clubs with singer mother Claudette Bonnuit.

After working in Paris on cult magazine La Bicyclette Bleu with Pippa, she now has a regular spot in Claudette’s happening club Soiree.

She is married to flautist Pfeiffer Braun and has two children, Agnes and Etienne.


Mmm...Deconstruction - that old campus rag. She really has no loyalty.
Rolf+Margot were occasional contributors to La Bicyclette Bleu in Paris until they hightailed it to London with our format in tow and launched Deconstruction.
I mean, I know Weekend Birdie is niche but I just can't understand how Deconstruction gets any subscriptions at all. It's just not cohesive.

And they're bound to be at Cave Spooner's book launch - Rolf all architect glasses and landscaped beard; Margot with her severe bob and Edith Head suits...smoking a pipe.

Anyhoo, must fly. Got a conference call with Sofia Coppola and Celine (my no. 1 in Paris) about the shoot in Helsinki next month.

Email from Loretta

RE:review for weekend birdie

Dahhhhling I would looove you to do a piece on yellow clog for issue 11.
We're soon to launch 'yo beowulf! - a shadow puppet cabaret', and we desperately need the press.
There was a piece in deconstruction a few weeks ago but it was next to a john malkovich/lenin lookie-likie and it completely undermined it.

See you at cave spooner's book launch...we'll have a dialogue over mojitos.
Loretta x

Who's that girl?...Loretta

Born in Paris to a model mother and hotelier father, Loretta attended the celebrated Lovington School of Art where she became known for her beat poetry and dada-inspired performance art.

After a brief sojourn in Paris working on cult newsletter La Bicyclette Bleu with Pippa, she now tours the world with her legendary Yellow Clog theatre workshops.

Weekend Birdie memo