Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Wowy! as Maribel would say...what an amazing wedding that was.

It was a two-tier wedding which seems to be all the rage these days...no-one has a one hour wedding in a church anymore. So, first we all flew to Morocco to Ouarzazate for the small evening boho desert wedding; I say small, we were 130. They'd set up these huge Bedouin tents and Maribel and Esteban appeared over the dunes on white horses. We all clapped and fireworks went off. They stayed on the horses for ages. They had to do all their vows up there and everything. Maribel said she had a very sore bottom afterwards. Luckily it was an evening do or else we would all have died of heat exhaustion. My blessing was not happy.

The next day we flew to Madrid for their official wedding (700 people). It was at the Catedral de la Almudena, which shouldn't strictly have been allowed but her husband Esteban is a distant cousin of the Royal Family or something, plus the Pope said it was OK so hey-ho.
The reception was at the Casa de Madrid, which is only in Conde Nast Traveller like every month. We had a right old knees-up...Gwen Stefani jumped out of a cake! And I don't mind telling you, the Olsen Twins were hammered!

Anyway, feeling muy retro since I saw some dear little Italian school children on the tube with Invicta rucksacks (my, they still really love those things), so I think I'm going to go to bed, listen to the Betty Blue soundtrack and weep a little.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Email from mdlc


hola p
you can believe i am married at the weekend? so sorry i am so quiet at the moment but so busy with esteban and his mother - ooh la la - planning all the things.
anyway you must to come to the chicken night (so strange this term) i have on friday. my friend blanca will to telephone you to say you the details but will be so especial night. how is your stomach - i'm sure so big now.
anyway all is perfect. celine will sing some jazz and weather is so sunny and hot now. my dress is so beautiful pippa i can't wait you see it.
o dios mios pippa, i am too busy now with massaje and pedicure and hair etc etc.


Sunday, June 17, 2007


Everything's a bit blah. Had a few meetings at the ICA recently and they're all 'Wow!' about the show but I don't feel it's working, it's just not cohesive, you know? I thought we had everything straight, Parker Posey Eating a Strawberry on the left, Mark Ruffalo Doing Sudoku on the right, Lou Doillon Walking Her Cat on the far wall...all fabulous. Then Vanessa Paradis Chasing a Bagel Down a Hill threw it all out of whack and since then, nothing's working.
Plus I've got Nancy emailing me about whether I'm using one of the pictures from her Lovely Legs shoot (um...no!) and even Natalie, who is so over-exposed at the moment it's crazy, asked me if her Vanity Fair shoot is gonna be in there! The cheek! Then I'm soooo behind with issue 13 1/2 it's ridiculous and it's MDLC's wedding at the weekend which I know will be physically exhausting, if from the air kissing alone.

Ho-Hum...I need a little Pippa time...and that doesn't include doing my birth rehearsal because if I have to visualise my cervix opening one more time, I think it actually will and my blessing will pop out all over Ludo Jansdotter's new Paul Smith rug.

I seem to be complaining a lot at the moment. For that I apologise. I'm going to bed with a large mug of Charbonnel et Walker and a Radio 4 podcast. Postmodern.

Monday, June 04, 2007

And a hoot at that!

What a show, what a show and a hoot, at that!
Had a lovely time with Ma and Gracie; a super lunch at LUNCH* and then a glorious spa , followed by a hot stones massage, flotation and Indian Head massage at Glo(w). By the end of it, my dopamine pathways were so open I was utterly drunk, all of which added to a fabulous evening at Loretta's new show, which again is soooo clever. Who else could turn an unknown beat poet's short story about a gas station romance into an interpretative dance? And not just one dance mind you; there was classic disco, street jazz, the polka, highland fling, pagan flag-waving and of course the pogo...and then we all joined in during the audience participation 3-legged merengue. Nancy's soft rock ballet stole the show of course...I simply cannot understand how she hasn't been snapped up by the William Morris Agency or something.

Then we all dashed over to Voltaire for Vodka Highfalutins (alcohol free for me please) and more polka. I don't mind telling you I was absolutely done in!