Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Toast at Kettles

Ahhh, we just had an amazing couple of weeks at Kettles; putting our classic Hunters on for the first time this year and walking through the leaves. There's nothing like it.
Ludo's friend Carlotta is a stylist with Toast, she came to Kettles once and was inspired by its scruffy, bohemian, Bloomsbury set-esque aristo charm so they came down to shoot their latest catalogue and here are some of the pics:

Ma's Ghanaian nickety nackety drawers.

Me in my socks (our table was at old Mr Entwhistle's for a bees wax so we had to have our toast and Bonne Maman on the original stone floor...Again!)

Gracie having a rest while sweeping the flour mill.

Pa's odd socks.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A notice:

Pippa is ever so tired after giving birth to her blessing and will be back as soon as she possibly can.
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Email from MdlC

To: pippa@weekendbirdie
From: maribel-de-las-casas@vavavoom
RE: hola

or maybe bonjour pippa
i come back from paris today showing my stuffs at the shows. so tired how are you and el pequenito? i can't wait see him in few weeks.
anyway paris was good. i find some new accounts for va va voom, some new concept store. now concept store is everything, everyone tell me "i have concept store, i have concept store" - what is concept store? i no undestand it but is good i think.
i see anton and andres at shows - they are good and tell me hi to you. one night i go with them to le marais to meet some friends at la perle, some grungy bar with germans smoking and talk about more "concept"! i think some your friends like this bar. maybe even ludo.
anyway, i come to london very soon. i call you
besitos a ti e a la familia!!