Sunday, December 31, 2006


Yippee! to Reykjavik for New Year's Eve with Ludo Jansdotter! What joy!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas at Kettles

There's nothing quite like waking up at Kettles on Christmas morning under a Couverture vintage quilt! The distant sound of a carol concert drifting upstairs, then creeping down in my 100% cashmere bedsocks (an extravagance, i concur) to find Ma and Pa stoking the fire...divine.

Christmas was lovely. My brother Ptolemy was there with his darling girlfriend Gracie (they were at the RCA together and now run their own furniture design company Ptolemy-Grace, centering on the trad-modern style. Their concrete benches embedded with Victorian flower motifs are in Elle Deco practically every month).

Being at home was a real tonic; lots of late suppers, kippers, cocoa and hot buttered toast. Muddy walks down the lane, hot toddies and sing-songs at the pub. No cocktails, just warm beer.
Nancy's presents went down a storm; my family took to her immensely and treated her like one of their own.

Pa made me promise to slow down a bit and was very relieved to hear that I had come to that conclusion myself. They were all terribly intrigued by Ludo Jansdotter and think he sounds infinitely fascinating. I have very much missed him actually and I think I may have been a bit silly about the whole thing. I'm going to put all this Celine/Tony Novembre nonsense out of my head and just enjoy things as they are for once.

Ho-hum...I am not relishing the prospect of going back to London; Issue 11 and Graziella's tedious sagas. I shall have to put on a brave face.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Christmas

A Martha Stewart Christmas

Nancy has made us all Martha Stewart snow globes for Christmas. Most of Nancy's stuff is a load of old junk but I dig her enthusiasm and the effort she puts in.
I don't particularly dig the bronze-sprayed willow twigs, adorned with papier-mache reindeer, currently sitting rather camply in the corner of my sitting room. I suppose, at least, it saves me hoovering up the pine needles for the next six months...
...Nancy just asked me if I have any double-sided sticky tape. As we speak she is constructing something involving pressed flowers, gold twine and retro band badges.

Ludo Jansdotter is staying in Helsinki with his family for Christmas so I'm taking Nancy down to Devon to spend Christmas with mine. Her parents are in the US where her mum's hosting the 20th Annual Women's Herbal Conference in New Hampshire.

Oh! We found Mischa Barton by the way. She'd accidentally got trapped in the cellar - can't imagine how. Still, it was nice to stop sneezing for a couple of days.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Poem schmoem

RE: poem schmoem!

Did you see that dada poem Loretta sent? What a lot of rot! As if those words came out in a random order! She's vindictive I tell you, vin-bloody-dictive!

Natalie Spooner

Mischa Barton is missing!

I swear I haven't touched her!

Loretta's poem
pippa@weekendbirdie, nancy@a-zmodels, celine@bicyclettebleu

RE:a dada poem

How to make a dadaist poem

As Gore Vidal once said...



I suppose you saw Cave Spooner's review of Yo Beowulf? Those two are so self-important, probably just jealous. As Gore Vidal once said:

"Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies."

And I know it's irrational; YoB is a roaring success, but I thought better of the Spooners. We're friends, aren't we supposed to rub each other's backs? They're so...Spooner-centric!

I'm going to soak in a hot bath and write a dada poem.

Loretta x

Cat stories

Nancy is staying with me because Pedro is on tour and she wants to prove a point by not following him around like a groupie.
She brought her cat Mischa Barton.

I am not a fan of cats, but most of all, I am not a fan of the cat story.

"Oh look Pippa did you see what she did? Did you see Pip, did you? She kissed her mummy, she kissed her mummy didn't you Mischa Barton, didn't you!"

"Yesterday I came in the front door Mischa Barton was sitting on that ledge there, where you keep your keys and letters and stuff and she was waiting for me to come home and when she saw me, she put her little paws up, both of them, and waved! Oh look Pip, she's doing it now! Yes Mischa Barton, YES!"
Suffice to say, I have had Mischa Barton up to HERE.

Ludo and I are having a little time apart. I haven't mentioned anything about my unpacking though, he's in Helsinki for a couple of weeks working on his Finnish Folk Tales coffee table book. It's good because I really need to put some energy into Issue 11.
I've also decided to put a few evening classes on hold, apart from Progressive Urdu (because I am coming up to my level 3 exam), French Scrabble (because I go with Natalie and it's practically my only chance to see her) and Interpreting the Tambourine (which is just too uplifting to quit).
I've knocked Three-Legged Merengue on the head. It's just ridiculous!

La cucaracha

RE:hola guapa

hola p
oi my legs is hurt from the merengue yesterday night but que divertido no? i laugh so much when julio show you the maracas mochacha - so funny your face. i think ludo is jealous no?
i went to la cucaracha after you go home, with julio, alejandro, skye and milo. many mojitos and crazy dancing with alejandro. now i feel like big bang in my head and esteban is so angry with me for come home at 5am!!! i tell him is all for my work i need networking (correct english?).
next week you must to come with us - it is too fun.
now this morning i have shoot for big spread in korea vogue and they ask me wear my hula hula bikini - dios mio my face is terrible. maybe i go to see shrini for facial and massage before.
besitos my merengue miracle!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays

Some feelings I need to unpack: Ever since Ludo Jansdotter came back from Paris, I have been feeling a little uncertain. Don’t get me wrong, I think I really do heart him, but it’s all been such a whirlwind and I am so very tired.
I thought the reason I liked Ludo Jansdotter was his get up and go but if I have to wake up one more morning with a Mitch Martini hangover, before an afternoon of Parkour for Beginners, and dinner and dance at The Cuckoo Club, I think I shall collapse.

Recently, I have been thinking about Celine and how happy she is looking after Agnes and Etienne. OK there is the occasional film review for La Bicyclette Bleu, singing every Saturday night (and alternate Thursdays) at Soiree, manning the phones at Les Samaritans twice a week, but it’s a simple life. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that maybe I’d like a nice husband one day soon, and maybe even a family. And I can’t imagine Ludo Jansdotter is ready for all that.

And all this is compounded by the fact that I heard on the grapevine that my ex, playboy celebrity hair-designer, Tony Novembre is getting married next month on a beach somewhere in Zanzibar, where they’re going to settle down and export woven goods to overpriced shops in Notting Hill.

Deep breath…sigh…

…And then I look at someone like Maribel de las Casas, whizzing around the world, party after party, and I think she’d be happy doing that forever.

Deeper sigh…

…I saw an elderly couple holding hands this morning. It made me cry. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Gosh I’ve just had an epiphany! Ludo Jansdotter is actually me, in male art director/photographer/graphic artist/illustrator David LaChapelle-type form. We’re exactly the same, what with our 100 projects at once and countless after school activities.
Now I’m really confused. This warrants more unpacking than I had first envisaged.

I’m coming down with something. Imagine how much I feel like meeting Maribel de las Casas in 2 hours for Three-Legged Merengue.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Opening night

The Yo Beowulf opening night was a triumph, assisted no end by some glowing reviews:

'One of the most moving productions I have had the pleasure to critique in all my years in theatre.'

'The puppets moved with a poignant vulnerability.'

'Although a good 20 minutes too long, the four and a half hour production was utterly engaging.'

'Enchanting, entrancing, enriching…I am a better man for this production.'

There were 3 less complimentary:

'It lacked the intensity of earlier works such as 'Strindberg On Trapeze.'

'An exercise in utter pretension.'

'The biggest pile of doggy doo-doo I have had the misfortune to witness.' (Cave Spooner) (oh dear)

And one of particular note:

'Special praise must go to thumb #46 in battle no.12 which had such flair, not witnessed in shadow puppetry before.'

Ludo Jansdotter missed the show but turned up at the after-show party at the Bungalow Club. There was a slightly awkward moment when Nancy (who is so self-absorbed she had somehow missed the fact that we are having a dalliance) promptly threw herself at him, much to my and her boyfriend Pedro’s chagrin.

Rolf+Margot were there with their twin dogs Gilbert+George. Margot has had her fringe cut far too short and now resembles Emo Philips circa 1985. They congratulated me on Sofia Coppola. I congratulated them on Nicky Hilton. (Hee-hee)
It's so childish but I secretly enjoy this petty competition.

Pfeiffer Braun took to the stage in an impromptu jazz flute performance, joined by Pedro on bongos and Celine, Agnes and Etienne on vocals. Then Nancy got very drunk, jumped on the stage and proceeded to sing REO Speedwagon’s entire back catalogue.
Loretta spent the evening in a smoky corner rehearsing her speech which she 'performed' at the end of the night using a combination of mime and interpretative dance .

Then, in the morning, Ludo Jansdotter accidentally put on my new boyfriend jeans and left the house in them. I suppose he took the name a bit too literally. Let's thank our lucky stars it wasn’t my Sass and Bide skinnys.