Thursday, December 14, 2006

La cucaracha

RE:hola guapa

hola p
oi my legs is hurt from the merengue yesterday night but que divertido no? i laugh so much when julio show you the maracas mochacha - so funny your face. i think ludo is jealous no?
i went to la cucaracha after you go home, with julio, alejandro, skye and milo. many mojitos and crazy dancing with alejandro. now i feel like big bang in my head and esteban is so angry with me for come home at 5am!!! i tell him is all for my work i need networking (correct english?).
next week you must to come with us - it is too fun.
now this morning i have shoot for big spread in korea vogue and they ask me wear my hula hula bikini - dios mio my face is terrible. maybe i go to see shrini for facial and massage before.
besitos my merengue miracle!

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