Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cat stories

Nancy is staying with me because Pedro is on tour and she wants to prove a point by not following him around like a groupie.
She brought her cat Mischa Barton.

I am not a fan of cats, but most of all, I am not a fan of the cat story.

"Oh look Pippa did you see what she did? Did you see Pip, did you? She kissed her mummy, she kissed her mummy didn't you Mischa Barton, didn't you!"

"Yesterday I came in the front door Mischa Barton was sitting on that ledge there, where you keep your keys and letters and stuff and she was waiting for me to come home and when she saw me, she put her little paws up, both of them, and waved! Oh look Pip, she's doing it now! Yes Mischa Barton, YES!"
Suffice to say, I have had Mischa Barton up to HERE.

Ludo and I are having a little time apart. I haven't mentioned anything about my unpacking though, he's in Helsinki for a couple of weeks working on his Finnish Folk Tales coffee table book. It's good because I really need to put some energy into Issue 11.
I've also decided to put a few evening classes on hold, apart from Progressive Urdu (because I am coming up to my level 3 exam), French Scrabble (because I go with Natalie and it's practically my only chance to see her) and Interpreting the Tambourine (which is just too uplifting to quit).
I've knocked Three-Legged Merengue on the head. It's just ridiculous!


MdlC said...

no chiquita
you must to come to merengue - how i can go without you?

Pippa said...

No, honestly bel, i need a rest, some quiet time, just me and Jessica Mitford for a while.