Friday, December 22, 2006

A Martha Stewart Christmas

Nancy has made us all Martha Stewart snow globes for Christmas. Most of Nancy's stuff is a load of old junk but I dig her enthusiasm and the effort she puts in.
I don't particularly dig the bronze-sprayed willow twigs, adorned with papier-mache reindeer, currently sitting rather camply in the corner of my sitting room. I suppose, at least, it saves me hoovering up the pine needles for the next six months...
...Nancy just asked me if I have any double-sided sticky tape. As we speak she is constructing something involving pressed flowers, gold twine and retro band badges.

Ludo Jansdotter is staying in Helsinki with his family for Christmas so I'm taking Nancy down to Devon to spend Christmas with mine. Her parents are in the US where her mum's hosting the 20th Annual Women's Herbal Conference in New Hampshire.

Oh! We found Mischa Barton by the way. She'd accidentally got trapped in the cellar - can't imagine how. Still, it was nice to stop sneezing for a couple of days.

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