Sunday, October 22, 2006

Working with Ludo Jansdotter is a joy!

Got an impromptu meeting at Vogue Italia so I'll fill you in on my first creative jam with Ludo Jansdotter when I get back. Truuuly cohesive.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who's that girl?...Natalie

Mensa member Natalie grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles and was raised by her bohemian Nana Betsy who encouraged her keen spelling ability.

When her Nana won the lottery, she sent Natalie to a respected English finishing school where she learnt to walk with a book on her head.

One day she took the book off and is now a successful author and married to theatre critic Cave Spooner.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hola Guapa

RE:hola guapa

pippa mi amor
como estas? i have really sorry not see you in the Helsinki. i did see your friend Ludo at the party for the my new swimwear - Va Va Voom - he did take the photos for the catalog and he say me that you had meeting with sofia coppola - que suerte - she is the my hero!
everything happen in helsinki now no? but so cold. now i come back to madrid and next week new york for more Va Va Voom promocion with spike jonze, then finally i go to ile de rey with esteban - my new boyfriend - i tell you him no? be in love is life. life is crazy!
thank you for the invitation to the party for the book of cave spooner - i will go to it and i see you there yes? i hope. we can dance and chat many things.
maribel de las casas

Yo Beowulf shoot

Rehearsals continue

Went to the Yellow Clog shoot today. Picture Loretta, sitting at the back of the theatre, bowler hat and cigar, waving a walking stick around. It was like Cabaret meets The Kid's from Fame.

Yo Beowulf (a shadow puppet cabaret) is actually very impressive. I didn't think it was going to be my bag but it's truly cohesive. No wonder Loretta is so esteemed in the world of performance-experimental-theatre-art...or whatever.
And Pfeiffer Braun's flute solo at the end of Act II is a revelation. I had almost like, a spiritual epiphany.

Nancy was there. Loretta's given her a bit part; her left thumb is involved in a battle scene.

Anyway, off to a ukelele session, then dinner with my friend Natalie, uber-babe of the new literati. She wants me to shoot her for Vanity Fair in Maribel de las Casas swimwear.

p.s. Ludo Jansdotter's coming over next week to work on the Sofia Coppola photo montage.
I'm thinking trapeze skirt/military jacket or military skirt/trapeze jacket...can't quite make up my mind.

p.p.s. Ludo Jansdotter seems to be a little obsessed with Jane Birkin. Maybe I should go more skinny vest, jeans in boots, mohair beret, beads...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interlude (a film by Ludo Jansdotter)

ICA review

Just got the blurb from the ICA for Issue 11. It's very gushy, how flattering!

Weekend Birdie
Another outing of engaging whimsy for this hip quarterly magazine, which always thinks outside the box.
We didn't think it was possible to outshine Issue 10's bountiful offerings - which included Yoko Ono, Bill Viola and Kraftwerk - but Issue 11 will not disappoint.

Featuring: The Yellow Clog Theatre, Maribel de las Casas, Jane Birkin, Cave Spooner, The Scandi Design Festival and Sofia Coppola, with artwork by Ludo Jansdotter.

Each issue is a collector's item.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back from Helsinki

Well...guess who we bumped into in Helsinki, working on his Finnish Folk Tales coffee table book? Ludo Jansdotter! Yes we were in RaRa Bar last night; me, Graziella and S.C. and there he was, downing espresso vodkas at the bar!
It turns out that it was Ludo who introduced S.C. to Weekend Birdie - he was reading it while on a Vogue shoot with her a few months ago. And the story goes that Rolf+Margot wanted to do a story with her but when she saw the copy of Deconstruction they sent her, she loathed it, calling it "disjointed and noisy"!

Anyway, we're going to collaborate on the photos and do some photo montage.
Imagine Rolf+Margot's faces when they see issue 11 - Sofia Coppola and Ludo Jansdotter!

Oh, and of course, he will definitely be at Cave Spooner's book launch.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to Helsinki

Off to Helsinki tomorrow for the Sofia Coppola shoot. Graziella is meeting her tonight for a creative briefing. She'll be touching base, brainstorming and flagging things.
Hope she doesn't let me down.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

These damn tedious accountants

Dear Pippa,

I hope you are well.
Further to our meeting last week I am just dropping you a line to answer the points raised.

Point 1. The photocopier/fax/printer is tax deductible, but must remain in your office. You will need to fill in a B34-90, a copy of which is in the post today. Please use a black pen and capital letters.

Point 2. No.

Point 3. If the magazine was originally established in Paris, you will need to speak to the French Publishing House (La Maison De Publication Francais). Their number is 555-3454 and advise of your move. I have a contact there, Jean Pippeau. Tell him I know about the move and ask him to get the ball rolling ASAP. He will need to send you a A3465/76, again, black pen and capital letters.

Point 4. Yes.

Point 5. It all depends on where you wish to hold the Christmas party and how many people will be there. The restaurant you mentioned, Le Monde de l'Oeuf, won't hold the number of people you require. TGI Friday's do, but obviously a slightly different ambience.

Point 6. You can hire the car, but it will have to be a personal payment.

Point 7. Maybe.

Point 8. The following forms need to be with me by close of play this Friday: RT564, GH432 and the new OPI890 Black pen, capital letters.

I've looked over your books again and all seems to be in order, just these few little things to iron out. Please get the relevant documentation to me and I'll confirm it's receipt.

Again, thank you for the invite to the Cave Spooner book launch, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing The Lion King, that evening.

Any questions, give me a call.

Marsha Swan
Swann Garrett 020 7888 5241

Monday, October 02, 2006

Who's that girl?...Nancy

Brought up by self sufficient parents on a farm in sunny Cornwall, tomboy Nancy was tutored at home.
At 13, she travelled to London to take part in a CND march and was spotted in the crowd by notorious model scout George Pierre Pascal (who was lost on his way to a meeting).

After several high profile ad campaigns, Nancy was sacked after attending an anti-sweatshop march and is now the face (or legs, rather) of the Lovely Legs Stocking Co, Wyoming.

Email from nancy


Oh you know, modelling and stuff. I’m also making these little balsa wood figurines with rhinestones and things…it’s hard to explain. I think I might sell them on Etsy.
I think I’m gonna take one of Loretta’s workshops, I might try being an actress. I do have presence. She doesn’t still smoke cigars does she? Or those gitanes? She thinks she’s so French.
I’m seeing Pedro, the drummer from The Band With No Name. They’re really starting to break through. You should feature them. They did that song, “When the sun goes in it’s chilly”.
I’m really into this office girl look right now. You should do a thing on it. I have about 12 wrap dresses.
Anyway, my phone's beeping...oops it's my mum, i'm meant to be meeting her for lunch.

Toodle-pip Pip! Haha, toodle-pip Pip get it?!!


Ludo Jansdotter

Ahh, Ludo Jansdotter! I may as well tell you now, I’m a little bit in love with Ludo Jansdotter. We met in Paris at a Pierre and Gilles shoot; he was the stylist. He was going out with Nancy at the time, that’s how I met her.

Ahh…drifted off for a moment there thinking about those loony nights at Le Projet…my silver hot pants. Those were the days.

Anyway, it didn’t last long with Nancy; she’s so flighty and he’s so focused and committed to his work. So much flair and verve. He’s really quite special.
Mmm…I wonder if he’ll be at Cave Spooner’s book launch.

Had an email from Nancy by the way, she’s lovely but she’s so erratic and she’s always suggesting things for Weekend Birdie, which is really rather irritating.