Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back from Helsinki

Well...guess who we bumped into in Helsinki, working on his Finnish Folk Tales coffee table book? Ludo Jansdotter! Yes we were in RaRa Bar last night; me, Graziella and S.C. and there he was, downing espresso vodkas at the bar!
It turns out that it was Ludo who introduced S.C. to Weekend Birdie - he was reading it while on a Vogue shoot with her a few months ago. And the story goes that Rolf+Margot wanted to do a story with her but when she saw the copy of Deconstruction they sent her, she loathed it, calling it "disjointed and noisy"!

Anyway, we're going to collaborate on the photos and do some photo montage.
Imagine Rolf+Margot's faces when they see issue 11 - Sofia Coppola and Ludo Jansdotter!

Oh, and of course, he will definitely be at Cave Spooner's book launch.

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