Monday, October 16, 2006

Yo Beowulf shoot

Rehearsals continue

Went to the Yellow Clog shoot today. Picture Loretta, sitting at the back of the theatre, bowler hat and cigar, waving a walking stick around. It was like Cabaret meets The Kid's from Fame.

Yo Beowulf (a shadow puppet cabaret) is actually very impressive. I didn't think it was going to be my bag but it's truly cohesive. No wonder Loretta is so esteemed in the world of performance-experimental-theatre-art...or whatever.
And Pfeiffer Braun's flute solo at the end of Act II is a revelation. I had almost like, a spiritual epiphany.

Nancy was there. Loretta's given her a bit part; her left thumb is involved in a battle scene.

Anyway, off to a ukelele session, then dinner with my friend Natalie, uber-babe of the new literati. She wants me to shoot her for Vanity Fair in Maribel de las Casas swimwear.

p.s. Ludo Jansdotter's coming over next week to work on the Sofia Coppola photo montage.
I'm thinking trapeze skirt/military jacket or military skirt/trapeze jacket...can't quite make up my mind.

p.p.s. Ludo Jansdotter seems to be a little obsessed with Jane Birkin. Maybe I should go more skinny vest, jeans in boots, mohair beret, beads...

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