Tuesday, October 03, 2006

These damn tedious accountants

Dear Pippa,

I hope you are well.
Further to our meeting last week I am just dropping you a line to answer the points raised.

Point 1. The photocopier/fax/printer is tax deductible, but must remain in your office. You will need to fill in a B34-90, a copy of which is in the post today. Please use a black pen and capital letters.

Point 2. No.

Point 3. If the magazine was originally established in Paris, you will need to speak to the French Publishing House (La Maison De Publication Francais). Their number is 555-3454 and advise of your move. I have a contact there, Jean Pippeau. Tell him I know about the move and ask him to get the ball rolling ASAP. He will need to send you a A3465/76, again, black pen and capital letters.

Point 4. Yes.

Point 5. It all depends on where you wish to hold the Christmas party and how many people will be there. The restaurant you mentioned, Le Monde de l'Oeuf, won't hold the number of people you require. TGI Friday's do, but obviously a slightly different ambience.

Point 6. You can hire the car, but it will have to be a personal payment.

Point 7. Maybe.

Point 8. The following forms need to be with me by close of play this Friday: RT564, GH432 and the new OPI890 Black pen, capital letters.

I've looked over your books again and all seems to be in order, just these few little things to iron out. Please get the relevant documentation to me and I'll confirm it's receipt.

Again, thank you for the invite to the Cave Spooner book launch, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing The Lion King, that evening.

Any questions, give me a call.

Marsha Swan
Swann Garrett 020 7888 5241

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