Monday, October 02, 2006

Email from nancy


Oh you know, modelling and stuff. I’m also making these little balsa wood figurines with rhinestones and things…it’s hard to explain. I think I might sell them on Etsy.
I think I’m gonna take one of Loretta’s workshops, I might try being an actress. I do have presence. She doesn’t still smoke cigars does she? Or those gitanes? She thinks she’s so French.
I’m seeing Pedro, the drummer from The Band With No Name. They’re really starting to break through. You should feature them. They did that song, “When the sun goes in it’s chilly”.
I’m really into this office girl look right now. You should do a thing on it. I have about 12 wrap dresses.
Anyway, my phone's beeping...oops it's my mum, i'm meant to be meeting her for lunch.

Toodle-pip Pip! Haha, toodle-pip Pip get it?!!


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