Monday, October 16, 2006

Hola Guapa

RE:hola guapa

pippa mi amor
como estas? i have really sorry not see you in the Helsinki. i did see your friend Ludo at the party for the my new swimwear - Va Va Voom - he did take the photos for the catalog and he say me that you had meeting with sofia coppola - que suerte - she is the my hero!
everything happen in helsinki now no? but so cold. now i come back to madrid and next week new york for more Va Va Voom promocion with spike jonze, then finally i go to ile de rey with esteban - my new boyfriend - i tell you him no? be in love is life. life is crazy!
thank you for the invitation to the party for the book of cave spooner - i will go to it and i see you there yes? i hope. we can dance and chat many things.
maribel de las casas

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