Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mmm...Deconstruction - that old campus rag. She really has no loyalty.
Rolf+Margot were occasional contributors to La Bicyclette Bleu in Paris until they hightailed it to London with our format in tow and launched Deconstruction.
I mean, I know Weekend Birdie is niche but I just can't understand how Deconstruction gets any subscriptions at all. It's just not cohesive.

And they're bound to be at Cave Spooner's book launch - Rolf all architect glasses and landscaped beard; Margot with her severe bob and Edith Head suits...smoking a pipe.

Anyhoo, must fly. Got a conference call with Sofia Coppola and Celine (my no. 1 in Paris) about the shoot in Helsinki next month.

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