Monday, January 29, 2007


You know when you're flicking through the Observer Magazine of a Sunday and you turn to the fashion pages, hoping to see the latest To'sho' tunic dress and instead it's a story called 'The New Gent' featuring tall, angular male models wearing cravats and carrying man bags?
That's Ludo Jansdotter.

When he picked me up to go to Kettles, he was wearing his paisley tank top and orange slacks and I thought 'Oh dear, is this really how I'm going to introduce Ma and Pa to the father of my child?' I mean, I love that LJ's a natty dresser but sometimes it's a little OTT and I don't really want to be the one to tell him that the 1970's pimp look is passé.
However, Pa always refers to me and Ptolemy as 'you arty types' so i suppose he was expecting nothing less.

M&P were very welcoming and asked Ludo Jansdotter very many questions about his work as an art director/photographer/graphic artist/illustrator David LaChapelle-type and seemed captivated (although Ma found his accent a little thick and kept having to say "I'm sorry Ludo, which anorexic supermodel?", "I'm sorry Ludo, which German performance artist?").

After lunch Ptolemy and Ludo Jansdotter played backgammon while I went with M&P to pick blackberries and visit old Mrs Bell down the lane. On the way back I told them the news.
Both were a little taken aback of course as they had only just met LJ but after the dust settled they seemed rather chuffed and when we got back, Pa walked me round the garden and showed me where we used to make camps and have treasure hunts.

The next day Ptolemy took us all off to the farmer's market where Ludo Jansdotter was very impressed with the range of organic preserves and pâté.
Later, Ma spent quite a long time telling him about all the different types of bird that come into the garden. LJ was awfully kind to humour her so and even talked quite knowledgeably about the birds native to Finland.

The day ended with a jolly visit to the pub and a hilarious game of charades which Ludo Jansdotter found infinitely confusing.

What made the weekend was Ma telephoning me after we got home to say that she and Pa thought Ludo Jansdotter was charming and delightful and that they were sure all would be well.
How lucky I am to have been adopted into this joyous and jolly family who love me so unconditionally.

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