Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Issue 11 checklist

Still feeling nauseous. Haven't felt this bad since I spent NYE on a fishing boat with Ludo Jansdotter shouting "Yeah!" and punching the air every time a firework went off. I'm not good on water.
Anyway, must soldier on; got to go through the Issue 11 checklist or I'll miss the print deadline.

Tomma Abts Q&A - check!
Behind the scenes with Belle & Bunty - check!
Yellow clog interview and photo story - check!
Directional fashion shoot: androgynous women in men's underwear - check!
Graziella's novelty blurb 'Zine-Gal' - check!
Jaunty text angles - check!
Hal Hartley retrospective - check!
Random stills of Jane Birkin - check!
What's hot and what's not zeitgeisty-list-type-thing - check!
Directional fashion shoot: featuring Lovefoxxx from CSS - check!
Feature: Cave Spooner unleashed
- check!
Feature: Thrift-store shopping with Maribel de las Casas
- check!
Review of the Scandi Design Festival
- check!
Ludo Jansdotter illustrations - check!
Sofia Coppola photo montage - check!

Oh dear, it's happening again, these horrid cramps and nausea. Must go and see Dr Lim.

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