Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A definite cheese night

I'm feeling a bit down today. You know when I said I was going to put all that Celine/Tony Novembre stuff out of my head and enjoy the moment? Well that was before this happened:

RE:big news!!!!!

i have big news p. so exciting i must to tell you now. esteban propose me - yes, i cannot believe! we went my parent house for the christmas lunch and esteban family also came - his mother, his father, his sister and baby - yes she has baby now. she is so crazy and make big scandal in the family. she never marry the father of the baby and esteban thinks maybe father is the circus guy from when she was doing trapeze in praga. anyway all crazy but cutting the story esteban on the middle of the lunch suddenly make speech and propose me. of course i say yes and all the family very happy. i feel like he sweep my feet (correct? i remember this expression from school) and i feel so happy.
anyway we want marry on beach and i ask celine to sing some jazz. maybe you can take the photo. we don't know what day will be the wedding but we have many planning to do now.
oh pippa so happy and excited.
i'm coming to london soon for va va voom - some WAG say she like my collection - what is WAG? so we can drink cocktails together celebrating.
life is so crazy

Now I'm glummer than glum can be so I'm off to Cheese Appreciation tonight for some comfort eating.

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