Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A bad cheese day

Feeling in a melange today.
I've been asked to do a show of my photographs at the ICA later in the year, which is only the pinnacle of cool and will drive Rolf+Margot mad with jealousy, since neither of them has a talent other than thinking up kooky ideas for their pretentious rag. So for that, I am elated.
Unfortunately, physically I feel dreadful. Was sick all night after that Cheese Appreciation class last night. Who invented cheese and wine evenings? Wholly unwise.
Ludo Jansdotter was very sweet; he mopped my brow and stroked my hair. He's really such a kind man.

In other news, Nancy is still staying with me which is slightly awkward with Ludo Jansdotter around so much. She's loopy over Pedro but she still can't help flirting her socks off with L.J. I think he finds it all rather embarrassing.
Nancy and I are starting to rub each other up the wrong way; she always asks such inane questions. This morning she asked me if you can use body moisturiser on your face.
I said "No Nancy; if you use it on your face, your arm will start growing out of your forehead like a Jake and Dinos Chapman installation." She said "Ooh, sarcasm's the lowest form of wit you know!" I said "Well ya boo and sucks to you!" She said "You, you mean!" which made no sense.

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