Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The blessing

Well, it seems I underestimated Ludo Jansdotter. I told him the news last night and this is what he said (while reading this, imagine him squeezing my hand a bit too hard and quietly weeping. Oh, and a strong Scandinavian accent):

"My Pippa this must be a dream! All this time I was thinking: 'Pippa is too work-centric, Pippa is too party-centric, she is a too silly girl.' But now I see you in a different light. You are my Madonna, my beautiful pregnant Madonna, mother of my child!

If it is a boy we call it Magnus. If it is a girl we call it Irmeline. And whichever, we must enrol in Baby Parkour immediately, the waiting list is very long I hear."

Well..who knew. It seems I don't know Ludo Jansdotter all that well after all. I suppose we have spent quite a lot of time apart.

Gosh, I'm going to have a baby! What a blessing!

ps. By the way, no daughter of mine will be called Irmeline.

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