Sunday, November 26, 2006

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RE:a rant

Loretta keeps leaving messages asking whether Cave is going to the press night of Yo Beowulf – a shadow puppet cabaret and whether he’s ‘going to be kind’. I don’t know, he’s rather preoccupied with the book launch at the mo and I’m too busy to think about it.
I've got to come all the way up to you to look over the Vanity Fair shoot and then all the way down to Newsnight Review who are doing a special report on me. And they’re probably going to go on and on about how female writers are getting more and more glam and how it’s detracting from ‘the work’ and how I shouldn’t be on the front of Loaded in my underwear if I want to be taken seriously.

Well boo-hoo, I am taken seriously. The Politico was at number 1 for months, I was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, Modernity is tipped for the Booker and I’m married to l’homme du jour Cave Spooner for God’s sake. I think I’m just too post-modern for the average Joe.

See you later at French Scrabble.
Natalie xxx

Natalie Spooner

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