Friday, November 24, 2006

Missing you...

The Vanity Fair shoot was a breeze. It was a sexy librarian story with Natalie posing in Maribel de las Casas swimwear among the antiquarian books at the British Library.
She was a little subdued though; she’s been getting a bit of bad press recently. In fact, everyone’s a bit miserable at the mo, what with Nancy and Loretta snapping at each other and I’m suffering a little from S.A.D myself, especially as I am missing Ludo Jansdotter something rotten. Not helped by going to Progressive Urdu last night and everyone in my class asking where he was and recounting anecdotes from the night we all went out.
So it was a real tonic to get this card this morning accompanied by a basket of brioche from Boulangerie Delacroix.

I think I heart Ludo Jansdotter.

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