Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A master class

Well, I’m all for a free lunch at Chatulle and plentiful air kisses but it wasn’t half a palaver (ooh, get me coming over all cockney) flying to Milan for a 30 minute meeting.
So I took the opportunity to meet up with swimwear designer to the stars and general bon vivant, Maribel de las Casas. She gave me 2 leopard print bikinis and a kaftan! Then we did drinks and dancing at Just Cavalli and crashed at her pad.

Anyway, Ludo Jansdotter is as special as expected and working with him was a master class. He literally took my contact sheet in one hand, a razor blade, paint brush and typewriter in the other (well, not quite literally) and 3 hours later we had our whole story. Just emailed the prints to Sofia.

After that we hopped on his Vespa and went for Japanese Mojitos at The Zetter, then the crazy fool demanded to come to Progressive Urdu with me, wowed everyone by picking it up in 10 minutes and insisted on taking my whole class out to dinner!

Tomorrow he’s taking me to Bikram yoga and then to lunch with Charlotte Gainsbourg who, rumour has it, is also a big fan of Weekend Birdie.

It’s so nice to go out with a man who wants to do more than just dinner and a movie. I have been thoroughly swept off my feet.

Mmm…just thought of something. I hope this lunch with Charlotte Gainsbourg isn’t just a ruse to get close to Jane Birkin, he is a little obsessed…and I met Jane Birkin a few weeks ago when I shot her for Issue 11. Just a thought.

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