Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i facebook you!


hola pippaaaaa
i come back from the honeymoons on saturday. dios mios what a travel - was amazing pippa, i cannot believe so much fun.
in sydney we are stay in the W hotel like you tell me, they upgrade we to honeymoon suite - big view, big tv, big everything. one night we have dinner in iceberg restaurant and esteban say me oh my god, look bel and i look and on the next to table is nicole kidman, naomi watts and david lynch.
esteban sister now is living in australia with the baby and her boyfriend and he is very rich (lucky for she) so we meet them in whitsunday islands for sailing, swimming etc.
then finally we stay in the bloomfield lodge in the rainforest - so beautiful and so relax pippa.
now reality again and busy busy. oh pippa, steven meisel send me the fotos from the wedding - so beautiful.
i come in london at end august. i facebook you.
bel xx

ps quincy jam rock!!! quincy jam yeah!!! LOVE IT!!!

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