Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mahjong Madness etc.

Met Loretta at Bungees Coffee House & Folk Cellar the other night. It began as a coffee (decaf for me thank you very much, I'm taking this blessing very seriously) and turned into a night on the tiles which was hilarious as Lol can be such a loon - she can come across as a little abrasive and very serious about 'the work' but deep down she's a darling and a real scream.
We talked about all manner of things including whether she should ask Nancy to be part of her new production. She was such a hit but they didn't exactly get on. Sometimes I think I just need to bang their heads together.

Anyway, after an organic 3 bean salad and a gluten free baklava, the handsome Romanian waiter came on stage to play the balalaika and he sang so tenderly, Lol was positively swooning! She even tried to get him to come along to Mahjong Madness but he was working till 3.
The lovely thing about being out with Loretta is that you can feel drunk as a skunk even when you're completely sober. Luckily she was drunk as a skunk and I beat her 14/8 at Mahjong. She jumped on the table and demanded a rematch. Then she was sick all over my repetto flats.

Ho-hum...I have a feeling this isn't the last we've heard of the Romanian crooner.

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