Monday, March 19, 2007

A little catch-up

Goodness, I know I haven't been around for a while but I've been keeping my head down working on Issue 12. Spent most of last week visiting the various poetry slams of Greater London. Illuminating.

And Celine gets in later today so I imagine I shall be frequenting a lot of cafes, Baby Gaps, and random children's art workshops on the South Bank for the next few days. I'm bracing myself as we speak.

A little catch-up:

As you read, Loretta has finally asked Bogdan out for coffee (yes, this is his name. I think Lol was hoping for something a little more romantic but them's the breaks). She also finally asked Nancy to be part of her new production TGGDC - an interpretative dance.

Ludo is in Peru on a Gaultier shoot. He hates Gaultier poor love but the money's ridiculous! The marathon grows ever closer and he's threatening to jog the Inca trail for a bit of extra training.

Haven't seen Natalie for ages. She wasn't at French Scrabble last week but she's been ever so busy working on her new underwear line. She's awfully defensive about it and can't understand why the literati are berating this new avenue.

Such is life.

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